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Release Date and Preorder – Towards the Light and The Mad Quest!

Originally posted on Trent's World (the Blog):
The release date for my two novellas, Towards the Light and The Mad Quest has been set!  Kindle and paperback editions will be set on Tuesday, May 21, 2019! What are the…

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Centuries Old ~ Mary Suzanne Barrett #writephoto

The Spirit travels for eons and eons, and lives in the heart of the young and old. Expressing in buildings, boats, landscapes, human and animal souls. Living in the voices and laughter that echoes in the hollow halls. Giving strength … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

“This is where he lives, I am sure of that…” she said in a low voice as they observed the silent house from afar. The front grass was freshly cut, and although it was already dusk, no light was to … Continue reading

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Gilgamesh descending (4) ~ Steve Tanham

Steve continues his view of the Lord of the Deep weekend through the eyes of Gilgamesh: And as I watch Gilgamesh ascend towards the vast cliff-edge from which his life must fall, I wonder about the origin of the ‘play’ … Continue reading

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Where Scarecrows End

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
On a day of scarecrows The little patch of oil, beneath your sump Called to me To put aside Wray’s springtime pride And ride my early miles, again. ➰ Where teenage fingers Cold or…

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Reminiscence ~ M. Brazfield #writephoto

the tenderness in your folds the secrets that you keep the closets where i hid to get away from him Continue reading at Words Less Spoken

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Every Picture ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: Eleana Racksea was somebody you would see regularly if you frequented the quays and wharves of Port Naain. She painted. Now this city boasts a lot of painters, some of them good, some … Continue reading

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Embrace ~ Thady #writephoto

Darkness or light, which would you embrace, Our world most illumined when shadows are about, Most beautiful at the ends of the day Continue reading at Track or Cushion

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Lord of the Deep: Going for gold…

One of the ‘simple pleasures’ of working on the Silent Eye workshops is that I get to fulfil my dream to run a wardrobe and props department. I love the challenges of making things work. Most of the time, we … Continue reading

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Mystery #midnighthaiku

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