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Tudor Fixer-Upper ~ Fandango #writephoto

“You said you were interested in a large Tudor-style home and that you didn’t mind a bit of a fixer-upper,” the broker explained to her client as the two of them stood on the street looking at the house she … Continue reading

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While The Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle & Elsie Hancy Eaton #Memoir #BookReview @bakeandwrite

Originally posted on Jacquie Biggar-USA Today Best-selling author :
What was it like for children growing up in rural Suffolk during World War 2?Elsie and her family live in a small double-storey cottage in Bungay, Suffolk. Every night she lies awake…

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Monochrome ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Old Spa Haunts “It’s a bit, erm, old, isn’t it? Gonna cost a few bob to sort that one out.” Douglas surveyed his son’s new investment with a little apprehension. “Yeah, but Dad, I got it dirt cheap. Saved so … Continue reading

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The Quest for Immortality: Wilderness… Stuart France

* …You begin to hear distant sounds… The hub-bub of city streets… At first faint… Grows gradually louder… Market sellers ply their wares… Children shout and laugh at their games… And behind the city sound-scape a lyre weaves its reedy … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Light filtering through the gauze-like sky Silvery white against the black of trees The water calm on the surface of the lake Mist clearing too slowly in the cool of the breeze The drilling of an early morning woodpecker In … Continue reading

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The Crooked House ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Of course, it wasn’t a fact how Shadie came into possession of the house at Warping Leer, and it was only rumoured he had loaned the previous owner a sum, knowing it couldn’t be paid, and raised the interest by … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep: A radiant dawn

There is something about greeting the rising sun at the dawn of a new day that changes our perspective, especially on a spiritual workshop, when the attention is already focussed beyond the confines or everyday life. Every April, we begin … Continue reading

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Ambition #midnighthaiku

Simple ambitions To live in joy and die in peace Accepting each day

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