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Shade ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Lay Me to Rest just here Among the trees Just beneath their shade Let me take my last breaths Inhaling nature’s beauty Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Who wants to live Forever? ~ Willow Willers

Reblogged from Willow Willers who continues her account of her experience at the Silent Eye’s Lord of the Deep weekend workshop: The Silent Eye held it’s Lord Of The Deep course, this weekend just gone. It was wonderful. While we … Continue reading

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Shade of My Sisters ~ Penny Wilson #writephoto

Lush and cool, my bed this morn. The springing forth of new life surrounds me. I am comforted in it’s embrace. Continue reading at Penny Wilson Writes

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The Quest for Immortality: Seeds…

* “And in their bed chambers at night… The young-folk cry themselves to sleep…” * “When he succumbs, the animals will leave him forever. He will no longer be a part of the herd…” * “Where Hu-Wa-Wa comes and goes … Continue reading

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Book review – Catling’s Bane by D. Wallace Peach

Originally posted on My Li'l Place:
Catling’s Bane is the first book in the Rose Shield tetralogy by a beloved blogger/author D. Wallace Peach.  The captivating story is woven with the perfect balance of all the elements that only a skilled writer and…

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Shade Glade ~ The Dark Netizen #writephoto

  It Slumbered In Shade. The Destruction Of Its Tomb: The Glades, Awoke It… Reblogged from The Dark Netizen

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Death of Strangers…

* … “I will bring strangers upon you. * They shall defile your brightness. * They shall bring you down to the pit. * They shall turn their hearts against the beauty of your wisdom.. Continue reading at France and … Continue reading

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Shades of Life ~ Anjali Sharma #writephoto

In the rays of the rising Sun Or in the colours of fading evening I can see so many shades of life. Everything is beautiful. Continu reading at Positive Side Of The Coin

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Lord of the Deep: Heroes

“It is,” said Steve, not knowing quite how true his words would prove to be, “a weekend for heroes.” While the ancient story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu was originally penned in the grand, heroic vein, our own retelling and adaptation … Continue reading

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Deep ~ Stuart France

* The smoke which moments before had billowed hundreds of feet into the darkening sky finally cleared to reveal the Maw of Hell… From its deep red interior two impossibly tall, dark, slender figures moved together unconsciously… Continue reading at … Continue reading

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