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Wandering back in time – through a real medieval village ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: Writing about Easter in the Middle Ages has got me thinking about village life back then. It’s harder to pin down the lives of ordinary medieval people because they left little of themselves behind. I’ve walked … Continue reading

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Edward and Eleanor: a royal love story set in stone ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: A royal wedding in medieval times was all about sealing alliances and striking political deals, so emotional entanglements didn’t usually enter the equation. Consequently, it was common for husbands in royal and elite circles to play … Continue reading

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Loyalty and Betrayal at Old Sarum ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: With my Low Castles warning light flickering again, this weekend meant seeking out some castle therapy. Old Sarum is unique. Its ruins crown the summit of an Iron Age hillfort in the rolling Wiltshire countryside near … Continue reading

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Return From Whence Thou Came… ~ Jim #writephoto

I offer up this blade, back to the god from which it came Embark the age of which mankind’s damnation grows From men who molten stone to steel Continue reading at MHaiku Poetry

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Inside the Tomb ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

She knew of no other way to get the message to him but to sneak inside the tomb and leave it there. A red rose would signal it was definitely from her. Waiting for the dark of night, she crept … Continue reading

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Metaphysical Journey ~Neil Rushton

Reblogged from deadbutdreaming: This is another slight diversion from the realm of faerie, but the subject matter is intimately connected to our understanding of metaphysical realities through texts from our past. The poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is … Continue reading

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Full Circle: St Michael and All Angels, Addingham

From Little Meg we had a leisurely stroll down a wooded path, to a tiny church we had glimpsed from the circle on our first visit. It had turned out to be one I had stumbled across in my research … Continue reading

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The Temple Church II: Talking heads…

It is difficult to say what you see first when you step inside the church built by the Knights Templar in the middle of London, over eight hundred years ago. What you notice first, though, is a complete disparity in … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXIV: The ‘first and last’ church

We were sorely in need of grounding after our visit to Boscawen Un stone circle and set off in search of breakfast. Okay, second breakfast. Land’s End…now a tourist attraction rather than the end of the land…was full of visitors … Continue reading

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The old chapel of Kilvaree – Jo Woolf

Reblogged from The Hazel Tree: Towards the bottom of the Craignish peninsula, but not quite at the tip of it, lies an old ruined chapel. Rather confusingly, it bears several names, including Kirkton, Kilvaree, Kilmolroy, and Kilmory.  While the first … Continue reading

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