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The Horizon ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

This image reminds me of a real story of two kids who thought that the sky and the earth meet and they would be able to touch the horizon. Everyday they watched in awe and yearned to go there. The … Continue reading

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Sleep #midnighthaiku

Utterly relaxed The innocent sleep soundly Trusting the moment *

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Spring #midnighthaiku

Pure simplicity Innocent of pretension Captures eye and heart

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Sleepers #midnighthaiku

The innocent sleep Conscience wakes the guilty heart Some dream open eyed

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Vale of tears

Shards of naivety strew the path Calloused feet, weary and wary, Sliced by broken dreams And shattered rainbows Trudge onward, Leaving bloody traces In the innocence Of a martyred dream. Those who cross the vale of tears Come not again … Continue reading

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Mission #midnighthaiku

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Dream On – rivrvlogr #writephoto

Dream On Beings of celestial light Beam us up into the night Take our hand, that we might find Ice cream cones of every kind And salad bars where bacon bits Sprinkled by elephants that sit On daffodils of sheer … Continue reading

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