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Kindle Pre-Order – The Old Mill by Trent P. McDonald

Reblogged from Trent’ World: A stench lies on Avebury, New Hampshire. It isn’t something that one can smell, it is more of a psychic soot polluting everybody’s mood. No one recalls when it arrived, but there does seem to be … Continue reading

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Olivia Comes Home ~ James Pyles #writephoto

Olivia tiredly trudged down the steep, rocky walk toward the village. It had been a disappointing journey for the most part. She hoped this wouldn’t be another town that enforced masks. She always kept one handy, but it frequently smudged … Continue reading

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The pen moves slowly across the page, as if resisting the words that spill forth in ink. There is a hesitancy, a reluctance, as if the writer herself does not want to see the story that is unfolding. An expression … Continue reading

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From the Vault : #NGHW Editor’s Pick: New Publication and Blog Tour

Reblogged from Horror Addicts, an anthology featuring a tale by Adele Marie Park: The following is an Anniversary re-post of an article presented on March 2018 HorrorAddicts.net continues our Horror Bites series with a bundle of new fiction by our … Continue reading

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Sweet Fanny Adams..? The horror behind the words…

I was unusually tired when I got back home from work on Sunday afternoon. With plenty of things I was ‘supposed to’ do, I couldn’t settle to anything for once and spent most of the day listening to music. My … Continue reading

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Web ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Mr. Stevens said his goodbyes and left me alone in the ancient manor house. This would be my first night in my ancestral home, and, unfortunately, I’d be spending it alone since Margret was stuck in New York for at … Continue reading

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Balefire ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

The girl had been walking home from school, detention again, when her neighbour stopped and asked if she wanted a lift home. He was a kindly man and got on well with her family so she got in his car … Continue reading

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Guest author: Roberta Eaton Cheadle ~ The Vikings in York: Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless Ivar the Boneless, also known as Ivar Ragnarsson, was the Viking leader who captured York in AD 866 and called the city Jorvik. According to Norse legend, Ivar the Boneless was born “without any bones at all.” … Continue reading

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The Calling ~ Trent P. McDonald #Writephoto

“Who’s there?” William Smith opened the door a crack, letting the howling wind sweep through the small room carrying a drift of snow with it. Only the storm answered with its continued roar, sometimes louder, sometimes softer. William slammed the … Continue reading

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Out of nowhere

Beckie at Beckie’s Mental Mess is running a series at present to highlight the many misunderstood aspects of mental health by asking people to write of their own experiences. This week, she is looking at the effects of PTSD. Ten … Continue reading

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