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Casa Batllo, Barcelona – Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I know, I know. You thought I was going to continue with my epic trip from last month. And, I am, definitely. There’s still so much to see in New York, from Rockefeller Plaza to … Continue reading

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Mists – by Michael #writephoto

It was the best time of day to be out and the little man hurried along as best he could. Most mornings he walked the streets, even though his Plantar Fasciitis was giving him the gyp he knew if he … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A last adventure (continued)

Read the first part of this adventure here. We knew the story. Both James and Paul himself have told how it was found, when Paul and his brother, exploring the moors as children, had come upon the strange passageway…and how … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A last adventure

It is not every day that you can go on a real adventure to see a genuine, bona fide mystery, but that is exactly what we were going to do on the last day of our trip. We had been … Continue reading

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-8] Nary a cloud #writephoto  from Noah Weiss

Reblogged from Never a Worry: Looking at the “Glade” prompt, I decided to talk about today, as well as a cloudless day from 2001. Today’s activity wasn’t really through any Glades, but the 2001 story will be… although even that … Continue reading

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Cracked #writephoto Hayley R. Hardman

The egg lay broken open on the ground. It was a dirty white, almost light grey color, with just one side missing.  It was a strange thing to find in the middle of the footpath but I was walking through … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto by Hayley R. Hardman

Pausing on the footpath before the tall jagged rock faces, I got an odd feeling that I was being watched. Looking around, I couldn’t see anyone. The normal sounds of birds singing, the warm breeze shifting leaves and the water … Continue reading

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Cream tea and brambles

Sunday we were out in search of that ever elusive pathway to the top of Fin Cop, but first there was a shot we had seen from the road and a possible Saxon Cross to visit. One out of three … Continue reading

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Weird weekend – the lost stone

Squirrels play in the trees, great piles of stones lie in the shadows like strange beasts; streams, clear and iron-red, join and run together as we follow in the footsteps of memory in search of a lost standing stone. “Of … Continue reading

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Weird weekend

Back from another trip north, I fought my way to the door through an overgrown garden with a list of jobs as long as the proverbial arm. Certainly longer than my hobbit-sized one. I shall simply close my eyes for … Continue reading

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