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Guest author: C. S. Boyack – The Enhanced League

Craig Boyack, master of the short story, has been allowed out to play on his own by the magnificent Lisa Burton. But only to introduce his new book… The Enhanced League… Thanks, Sue, for lending me your blog today to … Continue reading

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Obelisk by Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Writephoto prompt Obelisk; 4 sides, narrowing upward, ending in a point.  A singular structure baking in the sun.  And for what purpose? I can’t eat it, drink it or live in it.  Certainly, it shelters one from the sun’s heat … Continue reading

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Silhouette by Carl Bystrom #writephoto

“You’d think I’d be used to this by now.” Davis absentmindedly addressed the plump little bird cradled in his hands. The creature squirmed. The vestigial wings, dwarfed by its nearly round body, wiggled uselessly while its legs pushed in a … Continue reading

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Low Tide – Hugh Roberts #writephoto

Hugh has recorded the final moments of the planet Earth. As I cannot work out a way to reblog his piece for this week’s writephoto, please visit his blog to listen here: Low Tide #writephoto And while you are there, … Continue reading

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Guest author: Robert Eggleton – Rarity from the Hollow

Increasing Sensitivity to Victimization Through Satire and Comedy Charles Dickens may not have been the first novelist to address the evils of child victimization in fiction, but his work has certainly had an impact on the consciousness of us all. … Continue reading

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“I think therefore…“

From the archives 2014: The movement of the robotic face of the Geminoid DK robot is uncanny. It is almost… but not quite… perfect and has a vaguely disquieting effect, looking remarkably like Henrik Schärfe, who was part of its … Continue reading

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#writephoto Unlit Beacon by Willow

Reblogged from willowdot21 No one remembers now why the beacons are always lit at dusk. No one even questions the reasoning behind the daily task of building the beacons only for them to be set a light just before dark. … Continue reading

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