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The Lone Survivor – Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

As I swam desperately towards the still-distant land, I couldn’t hold back my tears. My parents, two older brothers, their wives, their kids. All dead. Only I had survived, but I had no idea for how long. Huge waves engulfed … Continue reading

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The Tracker – James #writephoto

It was late enough that Dani found herself alone as she crept through the forbidden corridors of Direhaven. She was grateful for the tour provided by Queen Janellize and her court earlier that day, because it provided her with the … Continue reading

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The Last Rose – Marcia Meara

Reblogged from The Write Stuff: A slight change of pace today, from our little boy camping in the mountains, to something a bit less jovial. Because, you know. Life can’t be all rope swings and summer smiles.  Hope you enjoy it, … Continue reading

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Footprints – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

If you want to participate, here’s the link:  https://scvincent.com/2018/04/12/thursday-photo-prompt-footprints-writephoto/ I wonder at ancient footprints. Did their makers dream of flying to the stars? . Did they worship distant gods or wander endlessly looking for a home? . If my footprints, pressed … Continue reading

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So It Begins: A Story Is Born – Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings on in the Shed: Does anyone else have difficulty with finding an appropriate title for their posts? The majority of mine loiter expectantly, try to catch my eye and impress with their marketing ploys. This one … Continue reading

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Footsteps – Scott Bailey #writephoto

Well, as soon as I saw this week’s picture I thought great! I have THE perfect poem for that – it fits so well. However, I can’t use it as I already have! For another of Sue’s writephoto challenges not so long … Continue reading

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A common misconception?

“….so, this year it is Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court, and next year we’ll be in Sumeria.” Running around getting things organised for the workshops always involves the attempted acquisition of some strange items. I frequently get asked what I’m … Continue reading

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Hare-Skin in Moon-Face… Stuart France

* Sister-Sun and Sister-Moon walked side by side in the sky… Both were cold. * One day they caught a hare, skinned it, and put it in a cooking-pot to stew… * While the hare was stewing The two sisters … Continue reading

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Enigma #midnighthaiku

Human enigma Achieves the impossible Denies evidence The valley is flooded. Beneath it two villages are drowned. Modern Man works engineering miracles then sails on his creation, trusting his eyes and self-satisfaction. Above the valley are sculpted hills, crowned by … Continue reading

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