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Splash! – Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Well, this photo sparked some memories! Sashaying around the house, 11-year-old Ritu was so proud of the new boots her parents had bought her. She felt so grown up, so in fashion – something she had rarely been in the … Continue reading

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After Corinthians – Geoff LePard #writephoto

Drognad the Green leant on his hoe and mopped his brow. The double suns of the First Spring had been unusually intense just as Magrod the Seer had prophesied. ‘You need to moisten the seeds, Drognad.’ Stupid crone, he’d thought … Continue reading

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Guest author: Allan Hudson -The One Bedroom Ark

The One Bedroom Ark Noah Coyne began to count the cash in his till. The flashing of the crosswalk light on the corner caused him to look up. His reflection in the store’s front window flashed yellow every time it … Continue reading

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Offering – Jan Malique #writephoto

My offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt makes a return to wind lashed northern shores, home of Odin’s seer. What is it with the One Eyed god and his summons? He appeared long ago, a shimmering dream offering the fruits of his … Continue reading

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The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee – by The Patrician Lady

The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee By The Patrician Lady A talk given to The Silent Eye’s ‘Jewel in the Claw’ workshop on 21st April 2018 In my talk today I’m going to tell you a little about Dr. John … Continue reading

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Splash – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent Note – this is a continuation of the last several #write photo stories.  Part 1.  Part 2. Part 3 Part 4, Part 5. Part 6. – After the dragon left we reentered the cabin and filled … Continue reading

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First, catch your fish… #writephoto

I can’t remember when I last felt so tired. The past couple of weeks have been hectic… in the best possible way… what with the workshop, reconnecting with old friends while they are in the country and all the usual … Continue reading

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Observation #midnighthaiku

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