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Fade To Opaque – Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

‘Are you sure this is the best one?’ ‘The light was good and I thought the composition…’ ‘Yes, yes. That’s true. But…’ ‘The sand was firm, the rocks just the right shade of dull…’ ‘Sure. Yes, I don’t disagree that … Continue reading

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Afeared – Sight #writephoto

The trail leaving a mark on sand, ignite a curious mind to probe the reason, for which it was made. After all the footprints do seem to go on forever. And yet he couldn’t find the source, as for all … Continue reading

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Uploading your Self-Publishing Paperback to KDP Print – Plaisted Publishing House

Reblogged from Plaisted Publishing House: We all know that KDP Print is likely to be taking over from Createspace when they finally close their doors (after all we’ve seen go on in the last 12 mth) I thought it would … Continue reading

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Silent Eye: Sixth Weekend Draws Nigh! – by Alienora

Reblogged from Alienora’s Anthology: Silent Eye: A Modern Mystery School has been an important part of my life since its birth way back in 2013; though, actually, the story starts even before then… I first met Stephen Tanham and Sue … Continue reading

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Short Story Collections – Settle in and Read – D. Wallace Peach

Reblogged from Myths of the Mirror: Right about now, I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than sitting outside in the spring sunshine, nibbling on strawberries, and reading. (For those in the southern hemisphere, just turn it around, and contemplate … Continue reading

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Sweeping Up – Jane Dougherty #writephoto

The beach swarmed with police on their telephones, forensics in their white overalls with their tape, marking out and measuring. The tide would be turning soon. They had to be quick. Moll pulled up the hood of her anorak. It … Continue reading

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A flying visit – The Guild Chapel, Stratford upon Avon

I mentioned that, during our visit to Stratford upon Avon, we had wandered off on our way back to the car, drawn by the tower of a small church. It had proved a profitable detour, bringing us to an old … Continue reading

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Fragile #midnighthaiku

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