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The Beginnings of Endings

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
? Photo Credit: Pixabay ? The owl appeared as the resurrected phoenix during my last, formal meditation as a student of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness. At some point, the seeker becomes…

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Does White Noise / Ambient Sound Actually Help Your Writing? – Steve Boseley

Reblogged from Steve Boseley: Silence can be a distraction. Bear with me whilst I qualify that statement. When I’m writing, silence can be a distraction. It might be a cliche, but writers and coffee shops go together like James T … Continue reading

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Shelter – Willow Willers #writephoto

Shelter is halfway up the hill Reach it while there is light still I have run so far yet not escaped The blackness in which my life is caped. Shelter is within my sight The monster I must fight. Continue … Continue reading

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Tell me a story!

You don’t have to be a writer… you can be an editor, artist, musician, traveller or poet… just be you. That is always enough and means there are always stories to share. Why not share them here and reach new … Continue reading

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The Optometrist and the Dragon – D. Wallace Peach #writephoto

photo compliments of Sue Vincent A man of science, Irvus the optometrist didn’t believe in enchantment. But a dare was a dare, and he wasn’t about to cede his convictions to a bunch of old-timers at the Pickled Sow. It … Continue reading

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For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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So much for a vacation… Eric Pone #writephoto

It was one of those fancy tent vacations. But for Ducky, a man hardened by the field of battle in too many broken places, it was much too luxurious. The wall to the left of the four poster bed he … Continue reading

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Seeing the world in focus

I hope you’ll excuse the remodel of an old post… I’m a little tied up today, but as I was once again asked what camera I use, I thought I’d share this from a couple of years ago… My camera, … Continue reading

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Not exactly luminescent. More like the exact opposite.   If you are on your dashboard and you go to Reader (I don’t know what dashboard you are using because they keep “fixing…

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Hint #midnighthaiku

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