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How The Universe Began ~ The Dogon View by Tish Farrell

Reblogged from Tish Farrell: The Dogon people of the Bandiagara Plateau in Mali, West Africa have an extraordinarily complex cosmology that informs every aspect of their socio-sacred lives. First communicated  by Dogon elders to French anthropologist, Marcel Griaule, in the … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: Anne Copeland – A Mystery at White Sands

Many years ago, when my hair was still red, and my body was not covered with life’s roadmaps, I actually worked at White Sands Proving Grounds for one of the big aerospace companies of the day.  I would record information … Continue reading

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A break with bookshelves

Before I go away, even for a weekend, I feel obliged to run round with hoover and duster… I like the thought of coming home to a tidy place. As I dust the bookshelves that take up more wallspace than … Continue reading

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Jewel in the Claw II… Stuart France

* ‘Foolery, Sir, does walk About the orb like the sun It shines everywhere…’ * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Echoes #midnighthaiku

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