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The Shelter of the Shepherd – KL Caley #writephoto

They had heard the planes before they had seen them. The hum distant at first, then getting louder and louder, a thunderous roar approaching. At first, the villagers did not understand. The village was made up of farmers, market traders … Continue reading

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Cave Dweller – Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

When Annie was little, she had liked to watch the cave from the outskirts of the village. She imagined that a troll lived there, or an ogre, with the bones of its victims scattered around the floor. Then she imagined … Continue reading

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War of Nytefall: Loyalty – a brand new book from Charles E. Yallowitz!

The Dawn Fangs have arrived! In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, a new predator will emerge within Windemere’s shadow. For fifty years, Clyde has been trapped beneath the earth while the vampire kingdom has been gradually losing its war … Continue reading

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Children’s Quarrel

Originally posted on bridgesburning:
Our current picture shows Elanar, a nursery nurse, with her charge, the young Avia Hassenbut. I’m not sure whether our artist knew the significance of the principals in his painting, or whether he merely saw a…

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Shelter – Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

A hidden cave, the wind, a rush Where spirits linger, under brush Some may show themselves to you While others share a different view You never know when they’ll appear Perhaps it’s just that one stray deer Who grazes, on … Continue reading

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Prelude – Widdershins Worlds

Reblogged from Widdershins Worlds… one woman’s journey begins here: Ever notice how things come in waves?… … you find that pair of wrist braces in a backpack that hasn’t been used for years … … that jar that fell behind … Continue reading

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Shelter – pensitivity #writephoto

When it’s quiet, I come out to play, You won’t see me during the day: At dusk in shadows I can show my face Knowing who I am, and my rightful place: I do not belong in this land of … Continue reading

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All in the feeling?

It was a beautiful morning. I had watched a barn owl glide across the field as dawn limned the horizon with gold and palest pink. The sky was beginning to turn blue and the drive to work on almost-empty roads … Continue reading

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Burning down the House… Stuart France

* Man was always chasing Hare but Hare was usually too swift for him… One day, by means of a fluke, Man caught Hare, “Now, I’ve got you,” said Man and he tied Hare to a tree, then he set … Continue reading

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Response #midnighthaiku

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