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A Tangled Path – Where Do We Go From Here? ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Helen Jones: As we move through these strange times, I suppose we each have our way of dealing with what’s going on. While we are linked on one level by the shared experience of lockdown, each of us … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog: Walking the two-legses

I have no idea why she thought she had to take the picture of us with the sign that mentions ‘animals on the road’… but she seemed happy enough to be out with the camera, so I let it pass. … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: About time…

It has been ages since the ball guy came to visit! What with one thing and another, he hasn’t been able to come and see me since before the leaves started on the trees… and I couldn’t wait to take … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Little things

She got the harness out and started chasing me. It’s a game we play, though I’m not entirely sure she knows the rules… even though we play it ‘most every day. She keeps telling me to sit still, but how … Continue reading

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From the small dog

“The time has come,” the doglet said, “to talk of many things; Of tennis balls and squeaky ducks, and sneaky bees with stings; of why the sparrows fly so fast and if that cat has wings.” “Just wait a bit,” … Continue reading

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