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Riddles of the Night: Clues on cue

We had known for a long time the main sites we intended to use for the Riddles in the Night workshop. The trouble was, we did not really know why, or what linked them. They are far from being the … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Templar Shadows (2) – Steve Tanham

Imagine a tiny village, just a few miles from a major Derbyshire town, yet unknown to most people passing by on the busy road between Bakewell and Matlock. The village contains an ancient mound of boulders of millstone grit layered … Continue reading

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Points of Light

It is the start of the festive season again. The dark nights of winter allow the fairy lights and decorations to sparkle in every town and village and through the windows of homes up and down this little island. People, … Continue reading

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Maiden Mother Crone, Part 8 – Farewell by Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: So this was it. The final stop on my weekend with the Silent Eye, not far from where it had begun for me, two days earlier. We were very close to Aberdeen airport, but, other … Continue reading

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Atrocity… Stuart France

* “This is the way…” * * “Step inside…” * * “Sense the horrors of A far away place…” * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Women in the Mist (3) – Sun in Gemini

(Continued from Part two on Sun in Gemini) “There’s nothing else in Midmar, so just look for the church.” Allan’s words, given some time prior, echoed in our heads. We were lost… and he was nowhere to be seen. Its … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon – Maiden, Mother, Crone by Helen Jones

Helen Jones shares the first part of her experience at the Silent Eye’s Solstice of the Moon weekend: When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.’ I should have expected it, really. It was, after all, a Silent Eye … Continue reading

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