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Quintessence ~ Kerfe Roig #writephoto

who is it knows my name, the sounds I answer to, who knows how to call my thoughts, how to cleave to what is not Continue reading at K- Lines that Aim to Be

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Waves ~ Kerfe #writephoto

ocean vast, rhythmic gathering, devouring, relinquishing lunar compass that weaves tides Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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#writephoto – Currents by Kerfe at method two madness

Reblogged from methodtwomadness: Monoprints and words for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, below, in consultation with the Magnetic Oracle. listen to the shadows breathing light filled with ancient suns– a murmur of stone between wandering paths of tree spirits and secret … Continue reading

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Conduit by Kerfe at method two madness #writephoto

The pass is wordless, but it waits, alert– watch and ward, ancient, before and behind– weathering all storms Continue reading: Conduit | method two madness

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Elements by Kerfe #writephoto

Horizon of air this point where sky meets earth sun of glowing fire Day ending with fire clouds dancing in light and air shade darkening earth Continue reading: Elements | method two madness

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