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Growing Old ~ Phoenix Rainez

Reblogged from Phoenix Rainez: As I’ve aged, I’ve become kinder to, and less critical of, myself. I’ve become my own friend. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world, too soon; before they understood the great freedom that … Continue reading

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Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Aging and Changes: Maintaining the Privilege to Drive

  On May 10th my husband turned eighty years old. God bless him, he’s made of Teflon because he’s bounced back from many ongoing ailments, many times. Turning eighty in Canada also means, by law, that it’s time to get re-tested … Continue reading

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Today would have been my great grandmother’s 252nd birthday and her cake would be a fire hazard. She would have been 126 years old… and if that seems to make little sense there is a simple explanation. Like the Queen, … Continue reading

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The cat flap…

The guy who’d been to fit the thing Had really got it wrong… It didn’t even look too good Nor was it very strong. He’d charged a fortune for it After which we’d had to wrangle With cats who didn’t … Continue reading

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Memory #midnighthaiku

* Old paper postcard Reminding autumn of spring Brings back summer’s glow *  

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January thaw – Rosemary Carlson #writephoto

When she awakened that morning, she heard water. She laid there in her warm bed, wondering where that sound could be coming from. It had been so cold, frigid really. The sound of water was coming from outside the door. … Continue reading

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The Tale of a Quest Down a Hallway – Gregg Savage #writephoto

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Zane who woke up feeling very ill. He hadn’t really eaten anything unusual the night before, nor did he have any signs of a cold. He just knew something wasn’t quite … Continue reading

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Vulnerable #midnighthaiku

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Frost #midnighthaiku

A delicate kiss A frosting of enchantment For an autumn rose Winter’s frozen breath Gentle executioner Casts a spell of sleep

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My hair’s a mess and lacking life I’m feeling fat and frumpy. Although I gave up vanity A while ago… I’m grumpy. I ache in bits I will not name And every bone and tooth, I don’t mind growing older … Continue reading

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