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Trembling ~ Andrea Stephenson

Nature trembles on the edge of spring. The sun reaches for the earth with renewed strength and the wind whips through the land with a renewed spirit. In places, spring breaks through. The lilac crocus shoots in the park that … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Hands

A repost of an old poem in honour of Mother’s Day here in the UK… perhaps more poignant this year than ever…   I see my mother’s hands before my eyes The first caress that I had ever known, And … Continue reading

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Looking out

With half an eye to a handsome face… Rugged, smooth or touched with grace… Or a pretty dress I’d love to wear, A pair of heels, a style of hair… I’m seventeen, or twenty three… Or would have been Were … Continue reading

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My hair’s a mess and lacking life I’m feeling fat and frumpy. Although I gave up vanity A while ago… I’m grumpy. I ache in bits I will not name And every bone and tooth, I don’t mind growing older … Continue reading

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Summer’s final blaze Bright against autumnal skies Inner light glowing

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Treasure #midnighthaiku

* Autumn’s gold now spent Emptiness reveals treasure Heart takes flight in joy * * Winter’s hidden gift Sailing a frosty sunrise Time melts like snowflakes * * Light as a feather Ending becomes beginning Journey continues *

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Time #midnighthaiku

* Swift days of summer Time too fragile to be held Years pass unnoticed Youth that fades with the flowers Bears seed and fruit in winter *

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Treasure #midnighthaiku

* Beyond summer’s glow Hidden treasures are revealed Nature’s rich harvest *

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Warmth #midnighthaiku

* Memories captured Warmth on a cold autumn day Timeless adventures *

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Harvest #midnighthaiku

* Harvesting summer Gathering the fruits of warmth Feeding the spirit *

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