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The misty dawn blushed a soft, rosy pink, probably embarrassed by the number of clichés it was inviting. It had begun with a delicate glow, suffusing the rising mist with gold as I shivered on the doorstep, then painted the … Continue reading

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In the shadows

I woke from little sleep to glorious sunshine and crawled blearily from my bed, which seemed the most comfortable place in the world at that moment, even though it might as well have been a bed of nails the night … Continue reading

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Light Streaming Heavens’ gift Illuminates Life, land and soul The sun-cast shadows Maintaining the balance Encouraging clarity Assimilating the darkness Realising a sacred purpose Unifying apparent division Cherished and indivisible marriage Perfect both alone and together In symbiotic interplay Lending … Continue reading

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Colours #midnighthaiku

* Against the darkness Clouds obscuring horizons Light shows true colours *

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To the small creatures that call the tree home, we are no more than a temporary addition to their landscape. Spiders and beetles wander over our legs or drop from our hair as we rest with our backs to the … Continue reading

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Flawed #midnighthaiku

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Shaded #midnighthaiku

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