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Words matter

Words matter to us. Those that are said, those that are not said. The precision of a phrase, the use of one word rather than another can make all the difference to how we feel about something or someone. Often … Continue reading

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Mannequins and memories

I opened the tool drawer and pulled out the hammer. The dog took one look and did a runner, hiding under the desk with a mixture of laughter and wariness in her eyes. This, I thought, was rather unfair… I … Continue reading

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On the doorstep…

Have you ever laid in the dew damp grass of morning and watched the petals of a daisy unfold, purest white, lifting its heart to the sun? Or seen a newborn creature take its first breath, opening its eyes on … Continue reading

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A parting gift…

I saw the sunrise warm the curves of your body. I have seen you glimmering, damp with sea-spray, and standing on the high moors surrounded by heather. I have felt secure in your embrace, safe from the cares of the … Continue reading

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Debunking Granny…

It was Barb Taub that started me thinking, with her collection of gems learned over the years. One in particular I recognised and yet, on the five occasions when I have been rushed to hospital in an ambulance, all sirens … Continue reading

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Mr. Thornber’s Distress ~ Adele #writephoto

After he washed and dried his face, Mr. Thornber walked to the window and looked out. His room afforded him one of the most pleasant views of the grounds. It was another rather agreeable afternoon. The first signs of spring … Continue reading

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Guest Author – Dianne Noble: A love-affair with India

The first time I visited India I was ten years old, flying back to England with my parents and brothers after a three year tour in Singapore. Our RAF Hermes plane took almost three days, stopping in several countries to … Continue reading

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As I may be without internet access for several days I thought I would share a few old posts from the early days of the blog. My apologies to those who may have seen them already. Looking through old poems … Continue reading

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Land of the Exiles… Silent Eye Weekend Workshop 2014

After seven years in cryogenic deep-freeze a group of interstellar colonists, fleeing the destruction of the Earth, awaken to find that their ship has crash-landed on Idos, their planned new home. The  Commander, the sole member of the crew who … Continue reading

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There and back again

I have been in Yorkshire for the best part of the week, to attend a five day course on behalf of the School. It has been odd to have little internet access and even my phone, which is usually a … Continue reading

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