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AutumnMaturityA bejewelled harvestThe regeneration of springPromised GoldenNature’s richesShaped by necessityGrowing ravaged by circumstanceYielding WaitingPatient purposeReshaped by compulsionEternal life made manifestDew-kissed  

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Mannequins and memories

I opened the tool drawer and pulled out the hammer. The dog took one look and did a runner, hiding under the desk with a mixture of laughter and wariness in her eyes. This, I thought, was rather unfair… I … Continue reading

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The Wait ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

In the days of old they’d walk out on the water at high tide, appearing to float atop the waves. It was a sign of trust. Also of recognition. For they’d come from the water, after all. Their bodies might … Continue reading

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I came across an old post while I was rummaging through the files. It looked at the decades of an ordinary life…my life… and how the things that seem ordinary to you, while you are living them, can look very … Continue reading

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Purity coloured Gathering experience Altered clarity Changed by the flow of being Perfect in imperfection The  stream runs down from the mountain. Sourced in the clouds that wreath the heights, it tumbles laughing through the peat and rocks. Within its … Continue reading

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Ancient stone crumbles Washed by eternity’s waves My footprints linger Time’s turning seasons altered By the smallest grain of sand For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Container gardeners

The sun rose this morning on a misty world, finding its way through scattered clouds. Although the air is chill, yet there is a feeling of spring burgeoning with determined inevitability in the hedgerows and fields.  Houses huddle together for … Continue reading

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‘The Druidic Lake’… Stuart France

* One by one… * * We divested ourselves… * * Of our outgrown tendencies, which went into the lake. * Continue reading here

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Walk on…

* Through dead dwellings of the living… * * * Continue reading here  

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#writephoto: Final journey – Jane Dougherty

The wandering folk found a way in and built a door with stone posts and lintel around the gaping hole. They returned at the summer solstice and the winter solstice to light their fires and watch the sun move across … Continue reading

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