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Time for change…

I was given a clock for Christmas, a clock framed by pictures of my grandchildren. I hung it on the wall, marvelling at how quickly life can change. I, who was a young woman not two minutes ago, or so … Continue reading

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To dare, to dream, to be…

‘To know, to dare, to will… and to keep silent’… this is a phrase heard within many branches of the Mysteries and one which echoes facets of the labyrinthine journey undertaken by those of us who work within them. It … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Moment by Teresa G. D’vall

Uncle Wiggly is a board game introduced by Milton Bradley in 1916 and themed around a rabbit who does a lot of hopping through the forest for reasons I no longer recall. My mother played it with me as a … Continue reading

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Guest author: Yecheilyah Ysrayl – Speaking it into existence

This picture was taken last year at a restaurant in Atlanta. I had just finished a book signing for the release of Book 3 in The Stella Trilogy and was to act in the stage-play Blakk Amerika: From Prophets to … Continue reading

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A blank sheet of paper… a blank screen… a blank canvas… your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill it. And, of course, you so chose. That’s why you are sitting there staring at it, feeling as … Continue reading

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Turning the wheel.

From the archives I looked at my car tonight, thinking how beautiful her lines are in my eyes. She is, undoubtedly, past her best, her engine is a little tired and uneconomical to bring back to optimum performance, the work … Continue reading

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Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean-Leon Gerome 1890 Have you ever noticed how many times we cling to the known rather than risk the adventure of the unknown… even when the known is not so good and the unknown full of … Continue reading

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“And by opposing….”

As I may be without internet access for a few days, I thought I would share a few old posts from the early days of the blog. My apologies to those who may have read them before. I was at … Continue reading

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It is a cold, grey, wet day. Not a pleasant day, even for winter. One of those mediocre manifestations of weather that bring little more than gloom and a desire to curl up somewhere warm with a good book and … Continue reading

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Out of season

He probably didn’t need to laugh quite so much. I have an excuse… I have flu… migraine…I’m not well… My son had found me, head in hands… and knowing this had asked what was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have … Continue reading

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