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Janice Spina interviews Jennie Fitzkee

Reblogged from Jem’s Books: Jennie Fitzkee Please help me welcome teacher Jennie Fitzkee to Jemsbooks.blog Interview Segment. Jennie is the first teacher that I have had the pleasure to interview. Jennie is a lovely lady and an exceptional teacher of … Continue reading

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Turning ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Paul stopped at the turn in the road, he dismounted his bike. He shielded his eyes as he looked across the valley, the sun low in the sky almost blinding. Things are turning he thought to himself. Not only weather … Continue reading

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A Call For Guest Posts for the ULS, The Underground Library Society ~ Charles French

Reblogged from Charles French: Hello to everyone! I recently had an excellent guest post from Josh Gross, a wonderful blogger. I am sending out a request to anyone who would like to join the ULS, the Underground Library Society, and … Continue reading

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Wishes ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Wishes waft warily Warbling with the wind Some are eager to soar Others lurk by the door Some gleam like dewdrops Others bury themselves in sand Some embrace and enamor Others yearn to taste glamor Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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Learning to teach

Re-shared from The Silent Eye The two most beautiful women I know are Teachers. I use the upper case ‘T’ quite deliberately as they teach simply by Being who they are. One, on her own admission prefers to work from … Continue reading

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Going for the burn…

“Women like their bathwater scalding hot because it reminds them of where they come from… Hell.” So said my son this morning. We had been discussing the relative merits of heat as a therapeutic measure and had progressed…or degenerated… to … Continue reading

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Normal weird

Image: Frolicking by Nick Verron The roads are suspiciously quiet today. You know why immediately… the school holidays are about over and the next few days will see the return to school that will flood the roads with traffic at … Continue reading

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Time travel

I’ve spent the day time travelling across several millennia. One in the morning saw me somewhere editing the far distant future of space colonisation while most of the day I have spent in the 7th century. No, I haven’t completely … Continue reading

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