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Cold comfort?

We’ve had some glorious spring weather. It has been warm… into the high teens… It has been sunny. It has been a real joy to be outside with so many flowers in bloom. Bees, butterflies and small buzzing things have … Continue reading

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Taking note…

I had caught a glimpse as I drove past the lay-by and nipped round the back of the surgery…there are benefits to carrying a camera in your handbag, even if it does weigh you down a bit sometimes. The buaard … Continue reading

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What do you see..?

An email came in from one of the Silent Eye’s Companions. He was wondering about our perception of the world around us, saying that we walk through our days not really looking, because we are so used to our environments … Continue reading

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Busy #midnighthaiku

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The sun was already half way up the window when I woke. My bedroom faces due east into the fields. At night, it is pitch black and I can see the stars strewn across the heavens. This time of year, … Continue reading

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Babel-fish wanted

I had to post the picture of the dragon… you’d all run away if you thought I was going to write about fish again… and I’m not. Not exactly. Well, maybe a bit… “Do fish even have ears?” asked my … Continue reading

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After tentatively asking permission, we were finally inside the church at Ogbourne St Andrew. We never know what to expect from these places when we visit for the first time, preferring to look first and research later. If you know … Continue reading

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A twist in the tail

My son’s pond is a constant source of delight. There is something tranquil in the still, reflective surface and the sound of water running through the stream and falling from the little cascade. After three years the ecosystem is well … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion- Day 1: Deer and stone

How long does a two and a half hour journey actually take? Well, three and a half if you go the back way and get a clear run. Four if you stop somewhere… Five if you find a good church … Continue reading

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The visible world

The red kite watched us pass as we drove to the station. Another soared over the fields a few miles further on. The return saw yet another perched beside the road and two more, the biggest I have yet seen, … Continue reading

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