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Nine Deadly Sins: The Eye for an ‘I’~ a new book by Steve Tanham

Their meetings are necessarily brief… seldom no more than a coffee, a momentary pause between the demands of life and work… but for John and Alexandra time matters less than the connection they share… “It’s about where you put the … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXIV: Dog-sick with ice cream

By late afternoon I was flagging. We had been on the road for a mere six days, and although we never rush and we take our time at each of the sites we visit, we don’t stop either. It is … Continue reading

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Fields of Gold ~ Jordan #writephoto

I spoke a call to Easter rather shouted a prayer felt caught in a Lion’s den death near my door, scythe in hand of all things alone in despair robbed of all equity and care my voice travelled beyond the … Continue reading

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Old friends…

Wednesday was a weird day and a busy one. The internet decided to go on strike for some reason, every time I tried to do anything. The pond pump needed cleaning at my son’s home, and so did the fountain … Continue reading

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Taxi from Hope: A Journey into the Heart of the “Jewel in the Claw” by Jan Malique

Reblogged from Jan Malique at Strange Goings On in the Shed. Jan shares her account of the workshop weekend: “The two halves of my spirit met and engaged in a dance almost forgotten, a dance traced in the dust and … Continue reading

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How we are three…

There are three of us who work together to run the Silent Eye. It started with one when Steve took the decision to build the School. I was drafted in soon afterwards and Stuart, who had been working with us … Continue reading

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Of Time – Steve Tanham

Of Time — Of Time I do not speak Position and duration are my nouns Eternal transition my verbs Consciousness my palette — The plucking of imaginary points Is how you speak of time Inferred and constant highway Present only … Continue reading

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Squirrels and stones

With the car bursting at the seams, I completed the drive north for the workshop. Picking up Stuart on the outskirts of Sheffield, our first port of call would be cross-country to collect a crystal that would be a symbolic … Continue reading

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The Lore-Spinner’s Saga by Alienora

The Feathered Seer: Alienora and Dean were our Lore Keepers, spinning the tales, warp and weft … Since early childhood, I have been a spinner of lore, working, oft-times, in tandem with my opposite, my all-but-twin, Sun to my Moon, … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time Weekend – Arrival by Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth A little over two weeks ago I headed north for a three-day weekend with The Silent Eye, to be spent exploring Neolithic sites and ancient monuments in the Peak District. I travelled alone, meeting most … Continue reading

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