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Distorted reality

I stood outside my son’s bedroom, bundled up against the cold that was dropping a few meagre snowflakes on the morning. Camera in hand, I was snapping away happily when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window. … Continue reading

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As I pulled the book from the shelf and opened it, a flower fell from between its pages. Its colour gone, its petals so fragile they cracked and crumbled as I caught the little thing. Still there was enough left … Continue reading

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Faces #midnighthaiku

  Sculpted by nature Faces reflect the journey Inner heart revealed  

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Filling the cup

Poised to write, I leafed through the notes scrawled on my pad. I remembered the conversation and context… it was worth writing about. Given the sketchy nature of what I had written, it was a minute or two before I … Continue reading

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Light and shade

The road home was flooded by brilliant winter sunlight, criss-crossed with the deep, dark shadows of the trees. The light and shade fell upon me through the glass roof of the car as I drove, setting reality a-flicker like an … Continue reading

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Like a Heartbeat ~ G. Michael Vasey

Gary shares a moment from the recent workshop: This weekend, I attended the Silent Eye Keys of Heaven weekend workshop in the Whitby area of Yorkshire. Of this much more later….. However, the penultimate stop of the weekend was the … Continue reading

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A pattern in the night

I couldn’t sleep. I’d gone to bed sleepy, read until I could read no more, then snuggled down expecting the inner lights to go out within minutes. An hour later I was still waiting… and wide awake. It might have … Continue reading

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The perception of memory

I slowed to let the young lad on the bicycle pull out onto the roundabout. That looks like… I raised my hand to wave to my son’s friend and instantly realised my mistake. It might have been his son, but … Continue reading

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  * Growth through emotion Calm reflection or troubled Reaching for the light In earthly experience Bright spirits will find their wings * For Colleen’s poetry challenge  

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Landscaping #midnighthaiku

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