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An iceberg universe

Fat little fingers hold up the toy as she peers at her reflection, laughing at herself. That she is, at two years old, very self-aware is evident in the way she plays with her own and her family’s reflections in … Continue reading

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Elements #midnighthaiku

Elements of earth Life and light grow hand in hand Indivisible *

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A moment’s peace…

Two herons flew over the garden today; they had no interest in the pond below, intent only their pursuit of each other. Half a dozen kites wheeling, diving and chasing each other in the skies… and a busy bluetit, lining … Continue reading

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Unfurled #midnighthaiku

Close-furled in shadow Innermost heart will open Growing into light

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Little miracles

“It’s a wild violet. A bit scruffy… it has lost a petal… but still…” The tiny purple flower peeked out from between the stones we had piled up at the base of the weigela to cocoon the roots that had … Continue reading

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Clouds #midnighthaiku

Clouds veil the morning Even storms may bring rainbows Green earth flourishes *

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Spring-cleaning #midnighthaiku

February storms Winter’s weakness swept away New growth sees the light

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Eyes of Time ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“Learn to listen,” He-Who-Runs-With-Crooked-Legs told him as they sat to whittle spears and arrows out of saplings. The old man’s hands moved the sharp bone deftly over the yielding wood, smoothing any bumps that could confuse an arrow’s spirit and … Continue reading

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Sowing warmth

There was a road closure on the way to work, so, to avoid the build-up of traffic, I took to the back streets, wending my way through a residential area and passing the house in which we had first lived … Continue reading

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Unseen #midnighthaiku

* In winter’s cold hand Warmth and hope a distant dream Spring grows in darkness *

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