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Ancient stories

One of the things that have struck home over the past few years, wandering around the churches of Britain, is just how much we learn and understand from stories and images. The record held in these ancient places goes back … Continue reading

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“I know what links St John the Baptist, St Christopher and St Catherine…” “You do?” “They were all beheaded.” “…Baphomet!” “Sophia.” “How did you get from Baphomet to Sophia?” “There’s a cipher, you convert Baphomet into Hebrew letters then apply … Continue reading

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Stepping back…

I spent too much of the day twiddling my thumbs in hospital waiting rooms far from home, thanks to the economic logic that sends patients to distant towns, not just for the specialist units…which is understandable… but for routine appointments…which … Continue reading

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Sharing the quest…

In the books written with Stuart France, we weave a story which details our journeys through the sacred landscape of old Albion, the ancient and inner heart of Britain. They are not factual guides or journals of our travels, nor … Continue reading

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Women’s Health Week Revisited – The Gift of Friendship by Sue Vincent

Sally Cronin is revisiting her series on Women’s Health, with posts not only relevant to women. Please take a look at her website to read the articles. by both Sally herself and other writers. This was my contribution… Reblogged from … Continue reading

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Where were we? ‘Midsomer’ in spring…

“May I help you?” The stern voice sounded more ominous than helpful, slicing the serene silence of the old church. The warden towered over the suspicious individual who was pulling up the heavy iron grate at the base of the … Continue reading

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An old haunt

“If we were to tell the whole story, no-one would believe it. Even I don’t believe it!” Except, we were there. We know what happened. We were part of that surreal succession of coincidences, odd occurrences and strangeness that set … Continue reading

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Not a blog tour – lunch with Helen Jones

It was all Helen’s fault… we wouldn’t have been at St Albans at all except we were meeting her not too far away. Having said that… just look what we would have missed! So we had plenty to talk about … Continue reading

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St Albans Abbey – ‘and unto God’…

Where do you start? If the fabric of the building is made of fifteen hundred years and more of stone, then the sight that greets you as you step inside St Albans Abbey reflects a thousand years of art and … Continue reading

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Quoted words…II

…On gaining the Ridgeway, I make Wen laugh by starting to talk about ley-lines. According to Alfred Watkins, the Ridgeway is not itself a ley, but is crossed a countless number of times by them along the whole of its … Continue reading

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