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The Sacred Feminine Trilogy. Watch as a Large Charcoal Drawing develops in the Studio ~ Glen Rogers

Reblogged from Art and Sacred Sites : Sometimes you create a piece of art because of the materials you have available to you. This is especially true during the Covid-19 lock down. I had this beautiful large sheet of amate … Continue reading

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Barb Taub reviews WRITEDOWN by Margaret Elphinstone et al #Lockdown #Galloway #Scotland #RBRT

Reblogged from Barb Taub: n my last post here, I talked about the ‘forgotten’ flu pandemic of 1918. The coronavirus seems an overwhelming force across the globe, and I wonder what its legacy will be. After reading the incredible new … Continue reading

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It’s okay that it’s not okay

Shards of glass flew everywhere, surrounding my bare feet and covering the work surface with sparkling motes. The sun through the window lit the tiny fragments with incongruous rainbows. My hand, abused by a heavy day in my son’s garden, … Continue reading

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Line across the Moon ~ Steve Tanham

The neighbour and I were speaking softly, last night, looking through the spring buds at the rising of the full moon. We were talking about the Covid-19 epidemic and its lockdown. “I’ll be glad when this is over,” he mused … Continue reading

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Tranquility – Find your Peace ~ Glen Rogers

Reblogged from Art & Sacred Sites: Imagine yourself in this landscape – enjoying the night time stillness at water’s edge, full moon shining. Breathe in and experience your inner peace. “Bird with Moon”, Monoprint, 7″ x 5″ During these strange … Continue reading

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Isolation or soul-elation? ~ Caroline Ormrod

Caroline Ormrod is one of the Companions of the Silent Eye working through the first year of the three-year journey towards the real nature of the individual Soul. I am delighted to be her supervisor for this process. Her brief … Continue reading

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She Watched… ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

When morning mist allured us And we sprinted to meet each other To play summer games When we were in no mood To admire the pink sky And sit for a while. Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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A sliver of light ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

These are dark times, just like Sue Vincent’s photo suggests. But, a glimmer of light is evident, and there is always something better ahead. Darkness is all around. Whether it be COVID-19 fears, my uncertainty in the job situation, or … Continue reading

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