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Waylands with Alethea Kehas

Sue & Ani Thursdays were days when Sue Vincent would post a photograph writing prompt challenge. In honor of this ritual, I have posted one of my favorite photographs of Sue, which I took two years ago during a shared … Continue reading

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Coffee break

She sat down heavily at the little chrome table. She’d just have a minute. Around her the Saturday shoppers passed unaware. The tears had come from nowhere. Well, that wasn’t strictly true… it was the spectacles that had done it, … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! A touch of sadness sometimes… with Willow Willers

Dear Santa, My friend Willow sent me another story… a bit different this time… and it made me think about a few things. My two-legs says that Christmas isn’t always easy for some two-legses to face, especially when their loved … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage…

Myrtle and roses Symbolic memorial Honouring a life Hand meets hand in compassion Hearts open to heal the void * No words are spoken In thankful recognition Only silence shared Each present in a moment Enduring eternally For Colleen’s poetry … Continue reading

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On these days… Steve Tanham

On this day A meagre seven years ago I woke to find you gone A day premature Just the nursing angel in your hand The phone receiver in mine Continue reading at Sun in Gemini

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Ghost In The Glade  – Pamela Morse #writephoto

Glade They slipped away during the end of the ceremony to look outside When they saw the movement on the forrest floor little sister cried Where is father now that his soul has gone to heaven and his body has … Continue reading

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Shadows #midnighthaiku

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