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Gifted #midnighthaiku

Romance or passion All that a heart may yearn for Found as Nature’s gift

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“Oh wow!” said the delivery driver. “It’s like walking into paradise!” We get that sort of thing a lot. The narrow and faded street is lined with parked cars. The car-park you have to cross to access my son’s home … Continue reading

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Sea-thrift #midnighthaiku

Domesticated Far from its native shoreline Nature’s freedom caged *

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A walk in the gardens

Several years ago, as it was a beautiful day, I decided it was time for a visit to the big house in the village to wander around the gardens for a while. As we are all now stuck indoors, I … Continue reading

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Heartwood #midnighthaiku

Beneath the surface Few will look or care to see Hidden stars shining It has been there for months, part of the structure of a garden I see every day. It was the rain, darkening the fibres, that showed me … Continue reading

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Walking around Oxford ~ Mike Biles at A Bit About Britain

Reblogged from A Bit About Britain: I’m not easily given to hyperbole; I’ve told you that a million times. But it is genuinely hard to think of a British town that can be quite so achingly beautiful as Oxford. Perhaps … Continue reading

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A flying visit

Taking my son his morning coffee, I glanced out of his bedroom window and saw that we had a visitor. The distinctive long and bobbing gait made it easy to identify as a wagtail, but where its pied cousin is … Continue reading

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Sowing warmth

There was a road closure on the way to work, so, to avoid the build-up of traffic, I took to the back streets, wending my way through a residential area and passing the house in which we had first lived … Continue reading

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Seeds of reality

Every year, the garden catalogue drops through my letterbox and I start to daydream. I mentally design flowerbeds when my body is too busy to be doing any of the other things my mind ought to be doing, adding in … Continue reading

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Stark ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

Often, through the endless winter, Maggie had been sure her garden would never bloom again. As the frozen ground showed no signs of softening in spring sunshine and clumps of dirty brown snow lay on the earth, she would look … Continue reading

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