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A song of Gwythyr…

“A question, O Yoke-all-Craft, which art will you practise tonight?” So Gwythyr-the-Bright took out the harp of Tertiu-the-Melodious from his craneskin bag, and sang this lay: “In the name of wisdom: I will practise metre’s nurture, fear’s erasure, and honour’s … Continue reading

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Time Line… Stuart France

* “The peat-bog is as the raven’s coat, the stuttering quagmire rehearses the talk of the rushes is come; the ocean sinks asleep into a smooth sea and the river which runs apace is cut down; light swallows dart aloft; … Continue reading

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Garnering gold…

We followed a golden path through a wood steeped in history and mystery. Mesolithic folk once walked here, whose flints are found eroding from the soft earth. Mines have been dug to gather minerals from deep below a surface where … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Stations of the sun

We were up and away early again, this time well supplied with munchables on which to break our fast. We may have missed the dawn, but we still caught the echoes of its gilding on the mountains. We wanted to … Continue reading

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Like a spear that roars for blood

And Greidyawl-the-Wise came into the clearing where sat Gwythyr surrounded by all the birds and animals, and he took from Gwythyr’s grasp the harp of Tertiu-the-Melodious. “Like a spear that roars for blood,” sang Greidyawl-the-Wise, “Or the flower whose face … Continue reading

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Crucible of the Sun, a new book by Stuart France

Big Chief Hawthorn, for it was he to whom Gwythyr had been speaking, laughed aloud once more, “The boar to whom you gave such fervent pursuit, was none other than my noble son, Eanna-of-the-Harps, and ‘tis the luck on you … Continue reading

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