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Memory ~ The Indishe #writephoto

I stand in a stony stupefied slumber on a lush verdant expanse of life. My feelings and emotions have crystallised and amalgamated into two massive frigid boulders that are made more callous and cold by the winter snow. They stand … Continue reading

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Storm ~ The Indishe #writephoto

As I step inside the stony monolith atop the green hill, I am entranced. The dark grey clouds above seemed to echo its sombre appearance. Each stone has a story to tell. They are worn out for they have stood … Continue reading

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Strange forms on the edge of reality Weaving patterns of past mystery Tantalising threads repeating Spiral across the ages Unveil the tapestry Unravelling time Ancient portals Opening Open Hearts Now At peace Silent stone Voiceless wisdom Whispers to the wind … Continue reading

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Presence ~ Michael #writephoto

There was a presence, there always had been a presence. Whenever you entered the field with the stones, it was there. Sometimes all around you, sometimes decidedly pressing in on you. The eeriness was profound, and at times it felt … Continue reading

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Facing Fear With The Silent Eye, Part 5 – Failure ~ Helen Jones

Helen continues her journey through Derbyshire with the Silent Eye: I recently attended a workshop with The Silent Eye about Facing Our Fears, an extraordinary weekend spent among the hills and grey stone villages of the Peak District. It’s taken … Continue reading

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Dreams #midnighthaiku

Hills shadow beyond Stones dreaming eternity Man’s awareness sleeps *

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Adventure #midnighthaiku

New horizons call Sentinels invite passage Dreams weather the storm Due to unforeseen adventures, the Daily Echo will be back to normality in a day or two 😉

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Stone Silent Unmoving Visitors stare Passing unaware Of the long, slow heartbeat The ghost of time remembers Crystalline veins communicate The coruscation of inner earth The flickering flames of celebration Honouring the origins of the stars Reflecting ordered constellations The … Continue reading

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Dance #midnighthaiku

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An Afternoon of Rest ~ Michael #writephoto

Thorgun Wicketwood looked down the path towards the huge stone edifice. The damn things were everywhere. Why? He had no idea, but they were the bane of his life. The farmers hated them as they couldn’t shift them, so had … Continue reading

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