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Beneath this system of Knowledge ~ Anjali Sharma #writephoto

How often do I connect the world outside with the world within? When will I see that which is yet to be seen? I learnt from experience’s and events of society, Continue reading at Positive Side Of The Coin

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Heavenly creatures featured boldly in her dreams ~ Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

Heavenly creatures featured boldly in her dreams The reflection in the clear blue lake was amazing Keeping her from the cold as the sun gleams The birds building their nests with love like it was spring The knotted winter tree … Continue reading

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Why The Bloggers Bash Is Like Bathing In Chocolate

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Beneath ~ Isabel Caves #writephoto

Everyone’s afraid of the lake. It’s a beautiful lake. You can see the whole world reflected in it. But I guess that’s what they don’t like about it. They see things they don’t think should be there. There’s the old … Continue reading

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Feeling Beyond Form…

* We certainly hadn’t intended to talk about Arthur, let alone Merlin when we pencilled in Penrith as the starting point for our weekend workshop. But the land has a way of communicating it’s own ‘sweet terror’ and when we … Continue reading

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Buried Secrets ~ Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

The tranquil picture of an ancient tree by the pristine lake was suddenly shattered by two horrified screams. “Is that a hand?” Stan cried out. Dave replied brokenly, “Y…y…yes….But…but….how is that possible? We had buried him right proper, I could … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Kindness and generosity with Toby, Austin and Hugh Roberts

“Were you born in a field?” she says when I leave the door open a bit so I can lay down and guard the threshold as a dog is supposed to. It isn’t my fault you two legses are practically … Continue reading

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Moons of Mountain Ana: Never… Stuart France

 * “So when do I get that drink you owe me?” “Soon…” * The warmth of silence as she threads the eye of a needle. * “I like your owl.” “It’s Minoan.” * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Moments #midnighthaiku

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