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Clouds ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

I nearly drove over abundance six turkeys crossing under the crest of the hill slowing my movement of time to observe royal feathers crowned in folded gold. The wattle of pride leading his blessings. Above the sky breathes clouds Continue … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Could Do Anything ~James Pyles #writephoto

“Come on, Grandpa. Over here.” Three-and-a-half year old Jillie ran ahead of sixty-three year old Robert, who was starting to feel the icy talons of fear clutch his heart as his migraine interfered with his control. “Coming, Angel.” Wiping moisture … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Golden Flower (Part One) by Paul Andruss at Smorgasbord

Reblogged from Smorgasbord: PART 1 The priests kept the entrance to the shrine of the sun goddess Amaterasu, free of snow. It was here Okurimono sang and danced, protected by the temple wall from the worst of the mountain wind. … Continue reading

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Songs for the seaonally challenged ~ Afterthought

To the tune of Santa Baby… Santa baby, I’d like to have a quick word or two, With you, Now you’ve not much to do, Santa baby, My Christmas stocking felt a bit light… Santa honey, I know that you … Continue reading

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Clouds ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

This is now the 27th chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here. A breeze whipped through the trees and stung Ed’s face.  He looked up at the sun shining through the clouds and then back … Continue reading

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Running silent(ish)

The recent bout of lurgy Made a bee-line for my eyes, So, although I’m feeling better, It was really no surprise That every post I scheduled, Both the reblogged ones and mine, I found I’d set for publishing In twenty-sixty-nine. … Continue reading

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Aoife ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Another snippet of WIP to go with Sue Vincent’s appropriately atmospheric photo. “I have met him, the chieftain you told me of. We have come to an agreement.” He tells her, hoping she will already know, be able to reassure … Continue reading

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Full Circle: The final curtain…

On most of our workshop weekends, we offer a ‘greeting of the dawn’ at one of the ancient sites. The winter workshops are perfect for this as the sun rises so much later, but as we are at the mercy … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Ask… Stuart France

* ‘…We shall all be changed for this mortal, must put on immortality.’ – The ‘Eleventh’ Leaf. …Our respect for the stranger at our door grew. This little device appeared to effectively marry the elements and directions in a four-fold … Continue reading

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Laurels #writephoto

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