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The Snowflake ~ Dnyanada Kulkarni #writephoto

How much she craved the freezing cold!  In this hot tropical land where the temperature never dropped below 20, the sight of a single snowflake was a miracle. She hated that it never snowed here. She hated it even more … Continue reading

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Untrodden ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

The only sound to break the silence of the cold, moorland peace was a solitary car engine as it proceeded along the narrow roadway. The engine tone changed and there was a moment of quiet before the sound of grating … Continue reading

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The Giant Wombat in the Basement ~ Rob Hedge

Reblogged from The Incurable Archaeologist: There’s a giant wombat in the basement of Worcester Museum. It’s there because Henry Hughes was bored of banking. It was the starting point of a story that has led me, via mid-19th century Brisbane … Continue reading

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Burrowing for Food ~ Michael #writephoto

There was the expected calm and tranquillity of the morning after the snowfall. The roads were covered, the furrowed tracks filled with iciness and the locals all a bit puzzled by the cold and the white landscape. The silence permeated … Continue reading

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More Christmas Cactus ~ Marilyn Armstrong

We didn’t really have sunshine today, though they promised it. But at least it wasn’t dark and gloomy all day. So I took some more pictures of the cactus developing. I remembered today that sometimes, instead of a standard but, … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! The real Santa, Victoria Zigler and a letter from Lilie

I had a letter from Lilie… she was writing to Santa and saying she wants to see him this year, and I’m in a bit of a quandry. Lilie is only a pupster… should I tell her the truth about … Continue reading

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A Big Top… Stuart France

* The Circus Clown Encircles us His made up  face And painted on Smile belies An origin Not thought Much less sought From a world inanimate. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Frozen #midnighthaiku

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