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Home Invasion ~ Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

I came out of the tiny cottage and finally yawned with abandon. The vista unfolding before me was a sight for sore eyes. Reaching here when we did had turned out to be an excellent decision. The fresh snow had … Continue reading

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Microfiction: Untrodden ~ Isabel Caves #writephoto

They ask me why I walk alone in the snow. In the cold where no one else walks. Where the trees are bare and the moon is far. They see only loneliness in the white. But I cherish the snow. … Continue reading

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Your Gift of The Labyrinth this December will help support #theTrevorProject

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
Years ago, when I began the creation of my metaphysical fantasy series, Warriors of Light, I seeded the intention that I would give a portion of the sales to support causes that relate to…

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Guest author: Anurag Bakhshi ~ Turkish Delight: The Un-Travelogue

A new book by one of the writephoto regulars… A few months ago, when my wife and I started looking for places to visit on a meagre budget during our Diwali vacation (Actually, make that her Diwali vacation, since I … Continue reading

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The love of Winter trees

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Returning home after a long trip, I am always taken by the sheer ‘energy’ in a British landscape. It may be adversarial with cold and rain, but it shakes the soul into a different…

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The Step-Mother ~ Maria #writephoto

“What do we really know about this girl, except that he met her in Namibia?” Margaret Whitmore asked her husband, Charles as she stood at the window of the drawing-room looking out at the snow covered grounds of the estate.  … Continue reading

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With open arms…

“… it gives me a big advantage for getting to know people,” said my son. I had to admit that he has a point. The only way he can walk is with support, and if there is no handrail or … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Get Out Of This Concentration Camp? ~ Sitharaam Jayakumar #writephoto

I glance at the whiteness engulfing the land all around, A bright, powerful, blinding white that dazzles my eyes, The sky is white and the land is white, Everywhere there is white and more white. Will I ever get out … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Santa Claws, Alethea Kehas and Millie the Queen Kitten

Back when I was a little pup and sniffing round some really interesting boxes in the cupboard under the stairs, the two-legs told me there were Christmas trimmings. Then she told me all about Christmas… and while I was down … Continue reading

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Something round… Stuart France

* “How old is it?” “How old is what?” “The Turnip Lantern Tradition?” * * “It is truly ancient.” “That is good.” “There appear to be others who agree with you.” * * “A heartening sight.” * Continue reading at … Continue reading

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