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Circles Beyond Time ~ Dreaming Stones

“They say the stones sleep. That they are old and forgotten… voiceless. Is it so, little sister? Are they silent…or do they dream, the long, slow dreaming of aeons. They were old when they were brought here. Older than memory. … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Crossing the Troll Bridge

The first hug was a good one and was soon followed by others as we gathered in the car park of Fox House. I had arrived at our rendezvous minus my erstwhile companion and his absence was noted. “He’s not … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXVI: House of the Ancestors

Our next stop was only about half an hour’s drive from the Templar Church, and the road took us through the silent green of Bodmin Moor. With a long drive still ahead, I restrained myself, albeit barely, from turning aside … Continue reading

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Living Lore Reblog: All Hallows Eve ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Shamanic Paths: It’s almost upon us. That most Scottish of warding traditions, which, having crossed the Atlantic, has returned, a wee bit sullied, yet nonetheless popular. Marking the end of the summer and the beginning of winter, the … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Sunset

After our recent workshop in Cumbria, we took the last of our companions back to Castlerigg for the sunset. It would be our third visit of the day…and three is a magical number. The three gentlemen who had been there … Continue reading

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Full Circle: The final curtain…

On most of our workshop weekends, we offer a ‘greeting of the dawn’ at one of the ancient sites. The winter workshops are perfect for this as the sun rises so much later, but as we are at the mercy … Continue reading

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The Watcher’s dilemma ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Shamanic Paths: I am Watcher. I’m in a high place, yet remain shadowed by brooding mountains that further darken a black sky. The gale flattens a campfire in front of me, casting all warmth to the western horizon. … Continue reading

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The Dream ~ Notes To Women #writephoto

She stared at the photo, her face turning white as a sheet.  It looked exactly like the place in her dream.  The eerie woods with its tall trees and overgrown grass that looked like hay scattered on the ground and … Continue reading

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Bearding the lion…

“You busy?” I flick the phone onto speaker, my hands are otherwise occupied. “Just a bit.” “What’re you up to?” “Sticking pasta in a beard.” There is a long silence on the other end of the phone… “Could you repeat … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Celebration – Jane Dougherty

This is for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt.   The old folk said nothing when they sauntered past in their baggy, tatty-looking clothes, their piercings, tattoos, shaven heads, long plaits or thick beards, all laughing, jabbering about mother goddesses and earth … Continue reading

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