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The Whirlpool ~ Steve Tanham

Underlying image by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay It begins with a feeling… A feeling that something has fallen: like a vital bridge being destroyed. As it develops, you sense the landscape being stretched, allowing forms of life alien to your … Continue reading

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Forlorn ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

I stand alone Reminiscing my glorious past I rot but the decay dawdles Storms that I endured Echo around me Accentuating their power Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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Cold, Distant, Unearthly, Inhuman song… Stirring emotions Only hearts understand. Feel it… there is a yearning, Calling us to new horizons, Irresistible invitation To step beyond, immersed in haunting song. Heart to heart they sing, seeking compassion; Borne across the … Continue reading

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Bushfire – Antony Fawcus #writephoto

By noon the trees are peeling paperbark, red ochre scars and pink new skin exposed; oil, oozed from pores, hangs listless in the air, as sweating eucalypts withstand the sun as best they can. Beneath their scanty shade, a herd … Continue reading

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Haven – Iain Kelly #writephoto

I shall never forget the sound that first time. We sat cramped together in the dark shelter at the end of the garden, with only a flickering gas lamp providing a dull orange glow. Rufus, only a pup, huddled on … Continue reading

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I was born into an era when fear and relief played equal roles in the minds of many. Fourteen years of wartime rationing had only ended a few years before and the memories of that bloody conflict were still fresh … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Watchers – Jane Dougherty

My first reaction to Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt was a poem. The poem led into a piece of prose. I’m posting them both. When the world was young the stones were old, And no bright gemstones, ivory or gold, Were … Continue reading

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There are berries growing on the hawthorn at the bottom of my garden. A week or so ago, they were the May blooms wreathing the hedgerow and summer had barely begun. Now, the first berries of autumn are already swelling; … Continue reading

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Restoration by Reena #writephoto

Darkness enveloped the world, and hope was dying, unfamiliar shapes tore through the grey skies and restored trust in life. Source: Restoration

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Microfiction by Jane Dougherty #writephoto: Fire swan

The fascinating photo is for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt. The conflagration grew in intensity as it swept across the planet, each exploded reactor, refinery, pipeline and chemical plant adding to the unquenchable fury of the flames. Shallow seas evaporated, tidal … Continue reading

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