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IndieAni Bones and the Thunder Stone…

We had barely got in the car than we were out of it again. Just a mile or two down the road to a tiny village and she was looking for somewhere to park. Now, I have to say that … Continue reading

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IndieAni Bones and the Ent

A couple of years ago, my two-legses got together for the Winter Solstice, which was nice. It didn’t mean presents… unless you count my share of their cheese, ham and salmon… but it did mean I got to go on … Continue reading

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Indie-Ani Bones ~ Going to waste…

We were not far from the Oxfordshire village of Stanton Harcourt. They had stopped the car and we had set off walking through this huge landfill and waste site, with loads of good smells. Frankly, I’d have been happy with … Continue reading

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Close to home – Ibstone

As we are all still grounded, I had a look back through some of the photographs of past ventures into the landscape and came across those from a trip out to Ibstone a few years ago. The village sits right … Continue reading

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Walking around Oxford ~ Mike Biles at A Bit About Britain

Reblogged from A Bit About Britain: I’m not easily given to hyperbole; I’ve told you that a million times. But it is genuinely hard to think of a British town that can be quite so achingly beautiful as Oxford. Perhaps … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton – Symbolic mystery

If the exterior of Somerton church is unusual, the same can definitely be said of the interior. At first glance, it seems a simple place…a country church with much history and little ostentation. It is only when you start exploring … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton

About twenty miles away from my home is the Oxfordshire village of Somerton. I had been there once before, a couple of years earlier, when a sign saying ‘historic church’ had sidetracked me on the way home from the north. … Continue reading

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Sidetracked to Somerton II

This is a tiny village.. there is no reason for such a magnificent church… and none is really known; it has never been a large community. Whatever the reason, it is a visit that takes you on a trip through … Continue reading

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Sidetracked to Somerton I

I nearly didn’t go. The sign pointed down the lane… and the lane seemed endless. I almost turned back… it would have been a long detour to find a locked or uninteresting church. But after the buzzard, I thought I … Continue reading

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Sidetracked by signs…

I’d had about enough of the Monday morning traffic on the motorway by the time I reached junction ten after three hours drivingThe next was mine, but it always seems to be both an interminable drag and choked with traffic. … Continue reading

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