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Renewal ~ Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

“Skies roar,”  I said as we walked the trail.  “Don’t you hear the colors?” “Helluva first date,” he grumbled.  “Shall we return to a venue more…civilized?” So predictable.  Aunt Marie always did pick arrogant, domineering men for my dates.   Better … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors ~ Fandango #writephoto

“What a stunning sunset, Josh. Isn’t it beautiful?” Sara asked. “Look at how much dimension there is to the sky with that layer of clouds. It’s so dramatic.” “This is pure madness, Sara,” Josh said. “It’s cold and damp and … Continue reading

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A bad case of flu

Originally posted on Jamie Dark:
As I drove down the muddy track the thunderstorm broke, the car went out of control and I lurched into the ditch. The satnav had broken a few miles back, and travelling to this rural…

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Morocco – An Artist Residency To Remember

Originally posted on Art and Sacred Sites:
In September I did a two week artist residency at Green Olive Arts in Tetouan, northern Morocco.  It is a beautiful city with a definite Spainish influence and pedestrian streets easy to manuever. I stayed…

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Renewal ~ Hélène Vaillant #writephoto

Renewal… in a limbo fog what direction shall I claim the one that is shown? Reblogged from Willow Poetry

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Though they may not know it… Stuart France

* The One animates Spirit with Light. Spirit animates Soul with Love. * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Renewal ~ Lady Lee #writephoto

The glittery gem held all the secrets Of the past, the future and of course, now A mass of dawn clouds in gold and purple Against the silhouette of winter trees Treasurable as finely worked gold Somehow, somewhere whenever two … Continue reading

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Why not?

One of the joys of working with the Silent Eye is the people you get to meet. Not all of them are part of the School; most follow their own Paths, which, though they may run in the same general … Continue reading

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Ancestral Dawn… Stuart France

* What is interior to us, Is exterior to them. * What is exterior to us Is interior to them. * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Waiting #midnighthaiku

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