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Imagination ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Anne was lost she had been looking for Richard everywhere. Her patience was running very thin, as thin as her veil and her robes. It was transparently clear from the look on her face that she had had enough. As … Continue reading

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The Forest for the Trees ~ Fandango #writephoto

“That is absolutely fantastic,” Ellen said as she and her son were on their way to do some shopping at their local mall. “What is, Mom?” Jimmy asked. Ellen pointed to the wall. “That is,” she said. “It is so … Continue reading

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Estuarine excitements ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster aka Tallis Steelyard: If Stillitoe Cloudwiller had been freer with his cash none of this would have happened. The problem with Stillitoe is that he always had to have a bargain. He was notorious for always … Continue reading

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Imagination ~ Di #writephoto

Something had gone drastically wrong on her descent and she was neither here nor there. The intention had been to blend in. Well the idiots upstairs had got it half right, she was suitably blended… like some damn smoothie in … Continue reading

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Friend Me ~ Ken Gierke #writephoto

Friend Me Crystal clear, this vision: crowded together, en masse, in our virtual world. Our intricacies on display, ready to be rooted out by curious minds. Continue reading at rivrvlogr

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Six a.m. on a Sunday… I groaned and turned off the alarm clock. I hadn’t been sleeping well, or enough, and did not want to obey the imperative summons… especially not on a day when, historically, most folks get to … Continue reading

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Sky-Saw IV… Stuart France

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Dejected #midnighthaiku

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