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The Pitch #amwriting

Originally posted on Life in the Realm of Fantasy:
On Monday we talked about the synopsis, which you would send to lure a prospective agent. Today we’re talking about the pitch and how it differs from a synopsis. The front…

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Halo of Imagination ~ Kim M. Russell #writephoto

How incandescent is graffiti of the mind! On naked brick a celestial trick Continue reading at Writing in North Norfolk

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Imagination ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

He had to take the drugs in order to see them. There they were plotting and scheming. Always there watching and waiting. Continue reading at Kyt Wright

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Guest author: Roberta Eaton ~ Beliefs and myths of southern Africa IV: The Zulu

Roberta Eaton, aka Robbie Cheadle, shares the third of her posts on the beliefs and myths of her home. Other posts in the series can be found by cicking here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three… Beliefs and myths of southern … Continue reading

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The rose at the heart ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Well, this one obviously follows on from last week’s image. Thanks Sue 🙂 A sound breaks the hush of the chapel and Aoife is dragged out of her reverie. Her hand reaches out to the red rose protectively as she … Continue reading

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A Grand Old Age…

Hebrew Letter – Resh * …When Abram was ninety years and nine the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am, walk before me, and you will be perfect.” Abram fell on his face but God continued to speak to … Continue reading

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TwoLips ~ Violet Lentz #writephoto

Arch under gable And over brick What you seek You shall find Between two lips Three bodies in three days, and nothing to go on but a riddle. This little game of syntax Artie was playing with the powers that … Continue reading

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Clouds dark as bruises Hide behind a smiling mask Chill rage of tyrants Cherished illusions shattered Silence mourns lost innocence * There are many forms of abuse within relationships. Not all of them leave bruises, but all of them leave … Continue reading

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‘Cloud City Central!’… Stuart France

* The phrase was uttered as a prognosis as much as a question and so we smiled an affirmative, in relief, that we were not the only one’s to have been thus transported… * * It is not by happy … Continue reading

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Dawn #midnighthaiku

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