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Glimmer ~ Michael #writephoto

He disliked whinging as it was the one thing he hated to be around and right now all that was coming from his mouth was constant whining about how far it was to camp. Why he had agreed to this … Continue reading

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Guest author: Kaye Park Hinckley ~ Why does a writer write?

I am a writer. But why? It’s certainly not for the money. Some people have said I could make more money cleaning houses. It’s not because writing is easy. You have to choose to do it–i.e, self-discipline. And sometimes it … Continue reading

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How beautifully you say goodbye

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
How beautifully you say goodbye When damp of cold affects the eye When rustle shuts off bustle’s hiss And says ‘so brief must be our kiss’ How beautifully you say goodbye… ©Stephen Tanham

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Glimmer ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Is that your glimmer that is blinding me? But I love my darkness Into which you pushed me I rejoice in my own domain now. A glacial glimmer froze me But Time stood still To lend empathy … Continue reading

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Songs of the Stone: beehive hut…

* Big-Earth… Little-Earth… Bigger-Earth: Earth-Man-Stars. * …I followed Kraas’s footfalls as she walked towards the stone. Just then the moon appeared in the sky overhead and shone its half light directly onto the figure before us. Out shot a scrawny … Continue reading

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No Shadow Too Dark ~ Ken Gierke #writephoto

No Shadow Too Dark Storms will cast their shadows, yet never dim the star that shines upon us, its light held, as well, within our hearts for those days that would be darkest, were it not   Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Too much light…

The soft colours of dawn were painting the sky as I left for work. The village streets, preternaturally quiet now that the schools were on holiday, were, for once, easy to negotiate. Parked cars take up half the width of … Continue reading

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Entomology… Stuart France

* The Kingdom… * * is like the smallest of seeds… * * which if it falls on receptive soil… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Moonrise #midnighthaiku

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