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Glimmer ~ Penny Wilson #writephoto

Our cheeks were flushed, matching the fire of the sunset.  Our pulses raced with excitement.  This ragtag bunch of forgotten souls; 24 in all, had been walking for what seemed like forever.  But now, there was finally a glimmer of … Continue reading

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Book Launch – Party Bus & Atonement TN Book Fair!

Originally posted on Teagan's Books:
October 20, 2018 Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit — Atonement in Bloom is finally published!  It was a wild ride, even after I finished all the work on the novel.  Meaning I’m…

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Glimmer~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

“I’m not that old,” Ed said to himself.  He had always mumbled and muttered, but found that the more he aged, the more his inner discourse became outer discourse.  He tried not to let it worry him.  Young people talked … Continue reading

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A new release from Kaye Park Hinckley ~ The Ghosts of Faithful

When The Ghosts of Faithful won First-Runner-up for Poets & Writers Magazine’s Maureen Egen Award, it was a novel in progress. Here’s what Victor La Valle, author, Professor at Columbia, and Judge of the contest had to say about it: … Continue reading

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Glimmer ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Hope The one Last Glimmer Burned through the dawn We’d all given up hope Of reaching the safety Of civilization All of our hopes dashed and broken Fuel on empty the engines cut out We went down in sight of … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal – Embers (Short Stories)

Originally posted on Trent's World (the Blog):
Yes, I have another book in the works, a book of short stories.  I call it “Embers“.  One of the short stories is Embers, which was actually named from a #writephoto challenge…

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Glimmer ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

It is there. It may seem far away. But if you believe, you can see it. A glimmer of hope, like an oasis in a desert. Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Infinite Regress… Stuart France

* THE INFINITE HIGHWAY If one always returns to where one came from, then one’s destination is halfway between where one came from and where one is going to. * HALFWAY TO INFINITY Every step along the infinite highway is … Continue reading

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Illusion #midnighthaiku

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