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Parting of the ways ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

Somehow we both knew that this was where we should part, go separate ways… Continue reading at Bobby Fairfield  

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The forgotten place ~ Deborah #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent He sat on the rocks, watching the waterfall.  The steady flow of the cascading waters fascinated him.  This whole place fascinated him.  He had stumbled upon it quite by accident.  He was walking one afternoon when … Continue reading

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Growing old disgracefully and still life ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster): It has to be said that it was old Garl Furtling who set me off with this particular train of thought. He has produced some wonderful paintings, for forty years young ladies almost … Continue reading

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“I will send you for X-rays,” the nice doctor said, “And for physio too while we wait. I’ll just make the appointment and get you booked in… Would you rather have early or late?” Which is why, as the dawn … Continue reading

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Autumn come to New England ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

It is the end of September. Normally, we would be wrapped in the bright leaf colors for which New England is justly famous. Not so far. We were at Manchaug a few days ago and everything was green. We always … Continue reading

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The Narration ~ Marilyn Armstrong

Reblogged from Serendipity: When I was little, I had imaginary playmates. I talked to them. They followed me around. I was never bored because I had friends who really understood me. After I started school, my shadow friends left, never … Continue reading

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Waterfall ~ Hélène Vaillant #writephoto

In contemplation Mother Nature orchestrate Waterfall of peace   Continue reading at Willow Poetry

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Solution… Stuart France

‘Setting riddles is much easier than solving them.’ … “What a strange planet. Where I come from people solve three riddles every morning before sitting down to first breakfast.” The ‘High School’ Solution… The clue in the poem is that … Continue reading

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Islands #midnighthaiku

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