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Dry as a Bone ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Dry as a Bone Sun bleaching bones to a brilliant white Carcass long gone In 120 degrees Fahrenheit Separated from his herd Some time ago Never seeing them again He headed to the oxbow Continue reading at Poetry for Healing

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Prairie ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Prairie never knew belonging. Never the companionship of the pack. Prairie was maverick, was rogue. An outcast. The Pack was solid, twenty-eight working as a single entity, brutally efficient when the hunger came. At first light came the pangs, like … Continue reading

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Of Loss and Hope ~ Colleen Briggs

Reblogged from Fragments of Light: The grief, the loss of what she had hoped for, lapped as relentlessly, as inevitably, as the breakers crashing again and again—minute after minute, day after day. Repeating their reach and retreat for millennia. Tumbling … Continue reading

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Spite of Croton ~ Craig Towsley #writephoto

Carried that grudge. Picked it up and set it on his shoulders, from calf to full grown ox. Dragging down the corners of his mouth most of all. Smell of it kept others away. Feared it might rear or kick … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Guest Writer – Andrew Joyce -Short Story – One Word……..

Reblogged from Smorgasbord: A short story with a very important message from author Andrew Joyce One Word I’ve been angry all my life. Everyone was always out to take from me. I’d never had any friends. When I was in … Continue reading

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Dark Visions: an anthology of 34 horror stories from 27 authors: Volume 2 (The Box Under The Bed) Dan Alatorre and 26 others! #BookReview

Originally posted on But I Smile Anyway…:
A short while ago, I was approached by Robbie Cheadle, a great blogger buddy of mine, with a request. She is branching out into writing horror fiction – another string to her already…

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Bone ~ Gina #writephoto

In the shadows between the Eastern winds and Northern lights she sheds the last of her skin. She shakes off the last remnants of her caul.  The terracotta slices dissolves into soft grey ash. The familiarity seeps into her brain, … Continue reading

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Father Bear… Stuart France

Pentre Ifan * Which translates, ‘Ivan’s Village’ but was also formerly known as, ‘Arthur’s Quoit’. Another ‘quoit’, and only a few miles away from the last one. This seems, if anything, a little unimaginative. Or, alternatively, it could signal a … Continue reading

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Stubborn #midnighthaiku

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