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Dream ~ Positive Side Of The Coin #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week: Dream came Dream Wake me up Dream Vanished I am in Search Continue reading at Positive Side Of The Coin

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My Father And Other Liars is free!!

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Faraway… ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Faraway I find myself high above the clouds Passing land and sea Wishing I could be more than vapour A mist that falls as rain. Could someone catch a cup full To bring me back again? Continue reading at Anita … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sally Cronin ~ Why I am skipping old age and looking forward to my second childhood instead

It is always a pleasure to have Sally over as a guest, especially when she is writing about an issue so close to my heart: My thanks to Sue for the invitation to write a post for her today… always … Continue reading

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Faraway ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

Low tide: it is as if the world, the ocean, had wanted to withdraw, to retire, at the other end, on the other side, perhaps to another galaxy. The written words cannot be erased, nor the broken promises forgotten. Continue … Continue reading

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Janice Spina interviews Sally Cronin…

Reblogged from Jem’s books… and look out for a guest post by Sally here later today! Sally Cronin Please help me welcome, author Sally Cronin, to Jemsbooks.blog Segment, Interview an Author. Sally is a dear online friend who is a … Continue reading

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With The Going Out Of The Tide ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto #flashfiction

The old man stepped onto the rock, wobbling a little. The breeze tugged at his beard. He stretched his shoulders and breathed in deeply, taking a couple of uncertain steps forward. The water lapped at his feet ‘So what do … Continue reading

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Stanton Drew ~ Stuart France

* Names matter. For practical purposes they are like elephants and flowing water. They follow the shortest, flatest path to wherever they are going, and en route the jagged edges first get smoothed and then get worn away. In this … Continue reading

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Tenacious #midnighthaiku

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