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Guest author: Jim Webster ~Tallis Steelyard on tour… Two new books and A free lunch

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Society of Minor Poets’ try to provide free meals for the young, the old and the indigent. It’s not just the feeding people that is important, it’s a chance for them to sit somewhere warm. … Continue reading

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Cartographically challenged ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster) on tour with THREE new books…

People will remember that I do sometimes lecture at the University here in Port Naain, and over the years I must have taught numerous young people. Perhaps I ought to merely say that they were exposed to my wit and … Continue reading

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Tallis Steelyard on The perils of enthusiasm

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: Tallis has commented to me that it’s all well and good letting Benor have a bit of publicity, but Tallis has his own patrons to panegyrize. Thus and so I am handing his  blog back to him. … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster – A measured response… Episode 8

Oh yes, sorry, I’m still here. Hope you’re enjoying the story, ‘A measured response.’ Have you worked out whodunit yet? As I was saying, I’ve just published, ‘A licence to print money: The Port Naain Intelligencer.’ It’s available on Amazon. … Continue reading

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Guest post: Jim Webster – A Measured Response… Episode 6

Benor is back! I know, I know they always say, start with a big hit. Except Benor’s never really gone away, I’ve just not published any stories about him since April 2017. Yes I admit it’s too long, but if … Continue reading

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Guest poet and raconteur: Tallis Steelyard – A Family Saga

For once I cannot be blamed for any of it. It’s obvious that nothing that happened was my fault. Indeed if blame is to be allocated, the only person on whom it can fairly fall is my lady wife Shena. … Continue reading

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One stands just so. – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: Let us not beat about the bush. There are people whom you feel obliged to rescue from the results of their own ill-judged actions. In all candour they may be an idiot, but in some unquantifiable … Continue reading

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Who is Tallis Steelyard?

Reblogged from Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes: Today we welcome Tallis Steelyard to our blog. He has kindly come along with another of his lovely stories.   This image is a painting by the great Frank Frazetta, an artist my … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster – Tallis Steelyard on Etiquette

It must be confessed that as a Poet I have to accept that I am not regarded as entirely a gentleman. I don’t think it specifically states this in any of the many books of etiquette with which Port Naain … Continue reading

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Guest author- Tallis Steelyard aka Jim Webster… The value of money

It is perhaps salutary to look back and contemplate the changes one has seen in one’s life. Indeed it can be interesting to look at the changes one has, by one’s efforts, helped to initiate. Some ideas have faded, others … Continue reading

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