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A dish served cold from Tallis Steelyard

As you all know I’m a man who makes a point of being smartly turned out. If you’re blessed with an elegant figure and can turn a fine leg, it seems silly not to allow the eye to dwell on … Continue reading

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forgotten – from rivrvlogr #writephoto

forgotten when you cast your dark shadow on the time we had remember Continue reading here

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I was not there. I did not see the blood and gore Or know the terror Of a war. * I did not grieve When friends were lost Or mourn the maimed Or human cost. * I did not fight … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Short Story – A Soldier Waits – Sally Cronin

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Secrets – from pensitivity101 #writephoto

They say you can never go back, but there are some times in your life when you must, whether you want to or not. It had taken almost twenty years, but Izzy had finally garnered the courage to face her … Continue reading

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The man in the wheelchair

Adapted from a post written in 2013, when Nick had just begun to use a camera and discover the world through fresh eyes… My son developed an interest in photography and, with his usual determination, set about learning everything he … Continue reading

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Something bidden… by Stuart France

* “Who said their ‘Gods’ had to be exotic anyway?” “?” “I mean, the anthropologists have written tome after tome evidencing our ‘own High God’s’ development from the ‘lowly’ corn spirit.” * * “‘Good’ originally, meant ‘good to eat’.” “From … Continue reading

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Blood red #midnighthaiku

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